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More than just project financing

Crowdfunding can be a helpful resource to close the financing gap of your film project. But: crowdfunding is more than just project financing. Be ready to grasp the opportunities provided through crowdfunding!

More interaction with your audience

The crowd not only allows you to generate the necessary money to finance your film, but further enables film producers to interact with their audience. Crowdfunding provides a valuable platform for a creative exchange between producers and investors, even before the film has been financed and completed. This exchange of ideas will be a useful tool during the production process as it allows you to see your plans from different perspectives.

Your film project’s crowdfunding depends on your commitment to interact with your fans and supporters. If you are truly dedicated to your project, you will be amply rewarded: you will benefit directly from the crowd’s feedback and experience a new kind of motivation towards your project.

Valuable feedback

If you choose crowdfunding as a means to raise finance, you will promote your film project or film idea from the very beginning. You can test the possible success of your project, you’ll obtain valuable feedback from a large audience and you can enter into a dialogue with the crowd. This allows you to directly involve future supporters in the production process. Crowdfunding will make you visible and approachable to your supporters, both as an artist and an individual. This dynamic will strengthen the relationship between you and your audience.

More attention from potential supporters

From a marketing point of view, crowdfunding enables you to promote your film projects and gain attention on the market from the very beginning. Conventional financing instruments like film subsidies and financing through rental companies can’t provide these opportunities to the same extent.

Crowdfunding draws your audience’s attention to you and your film idea. Independent from your project’s success or possible failing, you will receive attention from an audience. The best-case scenario would be a successful crowdfunding that lays the foundation for future projects. Like this, a successful crowdfunding can work as a stepping stone for your career as a filmmaker.