empty pockets film

The funding boost from the crowd

Empty-Pockets-Film is targeted at filmmakers who wish to close their film project’s funding gaps through crowdfunding.

Anyone who is involved in the film industry knows: The completion of a movie project is an expensive and risky endeavor. Usually, various investors are involved in the financing of film projects. Apart from the classic film subsidy, especially TV channels and film distributors play an important role in the financing of film projects.

Sufficient amount of capital?

As experience shows, most film projects substantially depend on equity. If you don’t have the means, you have a problem. Here, it doesn’t matter whether this capital convinces third parties to invest in the film project, or if precisely this capital meets the film project’s financial threshold.

Empty Pockets?

It holds true for both cases that only very few filmmakers are equipped with sufficient capital. They are empty-handed, so to speak.

Crowdfunding is a very interesting option to increase equity for your film project, as it makes projects possible through the investments of many individuals.

Raising Finance!

We at Empty-Pockets-Film support filmmakers with our experience and expertise in raising finance for film projects through crowdfunding.

Under the umbrella of the Blue Cat Media Group, a company which has been successful on the market for over 20 years, we attend to the success of your crowdfunding with the help of our partner agency crowdconsult . Our experts assist you in all aspects and phases relevant to the success of your crowdfunding.

If you have already attracted some investors, but don’t have the needed financial means to kick-start your film project yet, feel free to contact us. Let’s find out if financing through crowdfunding could be an alternative for you.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!