empty pockets film

More than financing

Empty-Pockets-Film is specialized in assisting filmmakers with the realization and (partial) financing of their film projects through crowdfunding.

We don’t merely support filmmakers and film projects, but we promote creativity in all its facets. That’s why we especially focus on guiding authors. However, musicians and other artists can count on our support for their crowdfunding as well!

Our partner agency Schwarmbuch particularly focuses on supporting authors. crowdconsult, the crowdfunding consultants with a holistic consulting approach, help creative artists from different areas to achieve their goals on a regular basis.

We are securing and promoting cultural diversity

Together with creative artists, we stand for the protection of cultural diversity. We believe in the power of authentic art and don’t want to leave cultural productions to the marketing machineries of large corporations.

Different to the mere profit thinking of media concerns, crowd investors are interested in the contents and culturally valuable messages conveyed by art productions.

That’s why crowdfunding is not only a means to raise the necessary money, but also provides room for potential interaction between artist and audience. Even before the project is financed and completed, producers and supporters can initiate a dialogue on the project. Like this, filmmakers can integrate valuable suggestions into their production processes.

We would be happy to look at your project and support you with the realization of your very own campaign!